What's in my Appraiser Kit?

Appraisal Kits are our free, custom-designed shipping kits for transporting of your valuables safely and securely through transit. Each kit contains the following: customer return card that allows you to select your payment method, inventory your items, and sign for proof of ownership. Also included, one pre-addressed shipping envelope, a secure poly bag, and a list of near by staffed FedEx locations for drop off.

Our free Appraisal Kits are made of durable materials and specifically designed to protect a vast range of precious items including diamond jewelry. If your items are valued over $1,000 we do provide additional packaging to abide by proper insurance requirements.* To request additional coverage, please call us for instructions at (800) 393-5532.

Putting your valuables in the mail should never mean losing control. That's why your Appraisal Kit includes a pre-addressed FedEx tracking label. We provide tracking on all packages from the moment they are drop off at any staffed FedEx location. Packages are also automatically insured up to $1,000 against loss or damage.** Have questions or need additional insurance coverage? Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you. Call us toll-free at (800) 393-5532.


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